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Markets Served: Barrie, Muskoka, Orillia

With a background in entrepreneurship, real estate, and sales, Ryan delivers superior customer care and problem-solving skills. His swift career climb from file clerk to the director of sales at a multi-million dollar corporation reflects his keen ability to assess the immediate situation, and create a complement of strategies and solutions for his clients.

These skills, coupled with his Mortgage Agent License, make Ryan one of the top resources for first-time homebuyers and real estate investors.

Operating from a 'giving more value' philosophy, Ryan educates and guides his clients to build trust and long-term relationships with them and beyond to their children.

Ryan leads a healthy, active lifestyle and believes in giving back to charities such as the Elizabeth Fry Society and CIBC's Run for the Cure.

Ryan's positive outlook not only drives his business and community life but also extends to his personal goals – launching an inspirational podcast series on health, wealth, love and happiness in 2020.


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Ryan White-Dallas

Ryan White-Dallas

Mortgage Agent

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